Why choose an online store created by SPARKWEB?

Most of the time, creating an online store can take more than a month. We have learned over the years of experience to be accurate and fast. Your online store will be ready to use within 3-10 business days.

In order to start the business in the shortest time, we offer turnkey online store creation services.

If you already have an online store and use our services, we will work with you to bring the store to the highest standards of use.

We make sure that users have an easy shopping experience and that your sales increase.

We respect the principles of functionality that have as center of interest the user’s shopping experience, in order to ensure that your business can compete with the already established online stores.

creare magazin online » SparkWeb | Web Design Agency
creare magazin online 2 » SparkWeb | Web Design Agency

What does your business gain from an online store?

  • more and more people prefer to buy online, so your business must keep up
  • you will attract new customers with the help of search engines
  • you are always available to busy people who choose to shop more and more online
  • get rid of the costs and stress caused by a physical store
  • you more easily understand the consumption habits of your buyers and this can be used to improve future experiences
  • happy customers will help you sell products faster: positive reviews will increase your sales and help your products be recommended by satisfied buyers
  • you have the opportunity to expand on the market abroad
  • your store is open 24/7/365
  • contributes to brand growth – a high-performance online store will help your brand be recognized immediately

Here are the facilities we offer at a turnkey online store:

  • you can add an unlimited number of products
  • unlimited attributes for products (color, size, specifications, etc.)
  • choice of available taxes (VAT, transport, green stamp)
  • creating an online store with secure online payments through established gateways such as: PayPal, Skrill, PayU, MobilPay etc.
  • we connect your store to the social networks used for extra visibility
  • promoting products on the first page, in categories, in special offers or through similar products.
  • you can manage orders and stocks with just a few clicks
  • you can easily create and offer discount coupons, discount points and other loyalty methods
  • newsletters to maintain communication with your customers
  • you receive detailed reports
  • technical support through the Be.Spark and Live Chat platform
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Professional e-Commerce solutions

We work closely with you for an online store that fits your business requirements.

SparkCommerce S


Solutia ideala pentru magazine online la inceput de drum
Acest pachet include:
  • Gazduire Shared 20GB
  • 20 conturi de email
  • Adaugam pana la 200 de produse
  • Sistem de cautare in magazin
  • Optimizare pentru mobil
  • Cont cPanel
  • SSL Gratuit
  • Integrare GDPR Online
  • Antivirus si Antispam Gratuit

SparkCommerce M


Solutie recomandata clientilor cu un plan de afaceri bine pus la punct.
Toate facilitatile SparkCommerce S plus:
  • Gazduire Shared 100GB
  • Optimizare pentru incarcare rapida
  • Adaugam pana la 500 de produse
  • 2 ore de suport si mentenanta/luna
  • SEO On-page
  • Slider cu imagini Premium
  • Integrare Analytics si Webmaster Tools
  • Integrare Live Chat
  • Backup saptamanal Gratuit

SparkCommerce P


O solutie optima, performanta si personalizata pe cerintele tale.
Toate facilitatile SparkCommerce S, M plus:
  • Gazduire VPS 320GB
  • Design Personalizat Complet
  • Adaugam pana la 1.000 de produse
  • Branding
  • SEO + Monitorizare si Raportare
  • Suport pentru site multi-lingvistic
  • Creare conturi si pagini de Social Media
  • Integrari MobilPay, SmartBill, SameDay
  • Suport Online Permanent