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Frequently asked questions about plans and prices

What type of hosting will I have?
If you choose to develop the website with us, you will have either your own VPS, or the website will be hosted on a VPS with dedicated resources with a maximum of 10 sites for unmatched performance. Also, you can only opt for hosting (Shared or VPS) here.
Can I have multiple email addresses?

Yes. We can raise the limit of 5 email addresses if you need at no extra cost.

I don't like any of the available designs. What to do?

We offer many designs from which you can choose, depending on the package chosen. If you still can't decide, send us a message with some examples of sites you like and we will find a solution together. We are here to find solutions and that characterizes us best.

How many forms can I have on the website?

There is no limit on forms. However, you should know that we offer forms with a maximum of 30 data fields. Also, if you want the integration with payment systems in your form, this service can be charged depending on the difficulty of its implementation.

How do I pay for the chosen package?

We offer you three payment methods for the chosen services.

Bank transfer
Card Online

I already have a website but it is not responsive. Can you help me?

Our answer is YES.

We can redesign your website in a modern format, which can be loaded on any device.

Where is the website backup stored?

Depending on the package chosen, it can be stored directly on your hosting space or in the Google cloud. There is no space limit and this means you can store unlimited backups. Backups will also be stored on our external server in the US.

What kind of Premium images do you use?

The images used are copyrighted on platforms such as Shutterstock, DepositPhotos, Envato and others. These are included in the price of the site, you do not have to pay anything extra.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization - a definition that has remained unchanged. The term includes all strategies and techniques aimed at improving the visibility of the site in search engine results pages (SERP - Search Engine Results Pages).

I have problems with the website, who do I turn to?

We offer non-stop online support, by email but also by phone during working hours depending on the chosen package. If you have problems with the content of the site you must have a site maintenance package. Also, support is non-stop for hosting services regardless of day or time.

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